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new golfer testimonial

new golfer Ney“As a completely new golfer that has never so much as even picked up a golf club before, I signed up for the Wind and Sling golf swing clinic in hopes to be able to play golf with my work buddies.

I must say early in the day when watching the professional players that attended as a new golfer I was pretty intimidated. But I wanted to thank you for your easy going, yet informative approach that put me at ease, and let me not only enjoy the day so much more than I thought I would have, but also learn how the golf swing really works.

It is now 4 weeks later. I bought my first set of golf clubs, watched the Masters all weekend, and guess you can say I got the golf bug. Thanks, Tom, for making me at least feel like just another one of the very good players at your clinic, while opening my eyes to the coolest thing I have ever done–golfing a ball.”

Ney Diaz

world class golf instruction testimonial

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.25.38 PM“World class golf instruction. I’ve been a golf professional for 35 years. Tom Duke and his Wind and Sling golf swing system is the best golf instruction I’ve personally ever reviewed or received. His perspectives on developing clubhead speed and maintaining consistency and accuracy are indisputable. They are also very different from what is promoted by the PGA and mainstream instruction. Finally, a breath of fresh air.”

Tony C.

golf swing aid testimonial

“I actually chuckle to myself with the laughable golf swing aid stuff you see out there year after year. I’m a longtime scratch golfer, I’m anything but a golf swing aid guy, and I’ve always taken pride in “digging it out of the dirt”.

In just 30 seconds with the Strike Right™ golf swing aid, I was able to feel what I have searched for through hundreds of thousands of range balls over a lifetime.

I actually shook my head in amazement thinking 30 years in 30 seconds…spine angle at impact, clearing the hips, inside to out path, feeling the hands release. And the great thing is I can reinforce these feelings anytime I want right in my own tv room. This is the first, and most likely the last, swing trainer I will take the time to use or comment on. It’s a practice and game changer for me, Mr. Duke, well done, good luck and thank you.”

Roy Valette


best golf instruction testimonial

“I just reviewed your swing system and instructional videos for a second time. It boggles my mind to consider the time and thought that you put into these works. Far more complete and detailed than anything out there by those that teach the techniques of Mike Austin–nothing else even comes close. The big names like McLean, Ledbetter, Harmon, Foley etc., and anyone else open minded enough to actually watch and read your work, would fall in line if they were truly honest and not financially vested in perpetuating their own systems. Keep up the great work. The Wind and Sling golf swing system is by far the best golf instruction out there as well and the best I’ve ever analyzed.”

Joel Waldman

Winding golf swing testimonial

Having been using your system for the past 3+ months, I am convinced that this is a lasting golf swing change and not just the typical “tip” which may work for a round or two before becoming ineffective. I think that’s because what you propose–a winding and slinging of the clubhead– is a fundamentally different method for swinging the golf club.

Winding up and then “slinging” the clubhead is the antithesis of extending the arms away from the upper body while trying to create torque against a resisting lower body.

In fact, nearly everything necessary for the typical swing is unnecessary and even counterproductive in the wind and sling movement.

But what has most surprised me as I have adopted this swing is how “soft” my left (lead) arm becomes. It literally feels like it’s bent 90 degrees at the top. It’s not but having attempted all these years to keep a firm left arm in order to maintain width in the swing, the difference in that feeling is remarkable. But what is more encouraging is that some of the very best shots I hit consistently occur when I let the left arm feel as if it’s almost curling or winding around me. Then, in the downswing,  this total lack of tension in the left arm allows me to transmit so much more club head speed and the outward pull of centrifugal force on the club head straightens the left arm much more efficiently and accurately than anything I could consciously do.

I don’t know if your students have commented upon that but to me, it is the most remarkable part of the swing. As a consequence my yardage gains have been, at least for me, impressive. I was fitted today for a new Titleist 3 wood. Hitting off the deck, Trackman had the ball finishing around 265 yds on a consistent basis. Considering that I hovered around 230 with my prior swing, that’s a nice change. Keep up the great work.

Greg McNeill

golf methods wind and sling testimonial

I have been playing golf for over thirty years and in that time I have read almost every golf book and have seen every DVD on different golf methods and teachings. I also had lessons from very well known golf instructors and in that time period I was able to get my handicap down to a five. One night I was watching the golf channel and they talked about Mike Dunaway and how long and accurate he was. I dug into it further and found Tom Duke and to my surprise he worked with Mike Dunaway. I just want to let anyone out there who wants a true understanding of the golf swing and how the body works properly–Tom Duke and the Wind and Sling golf swing system is your answer. Tom explains unlike any other instructor. He not only shows you what works and what doesn’t, he tells you how it feels and that makes a big difference. The most important factor in Tom’s instruction it is body friendly but also very powerful. In the short time that i have been working with the drills and studying the Wind and Sling golf swing I have noticed a bid difference in my ball striking, and when I don’t  hit the ball correctly now I know why. Thanks Tom

Gus Zoppi

feel golf swing testimonial

feel golf swing“To teach the feel of the swing in a non mechanical and natural way that allows our inherent athletic ability to develop an understanding of what we need to do is no small task.  I can’t say enough good things about Tom Duke, and I am someone who is not easily impressed.

One of the hardest things to do in golf is to teach the feel of the movement that leads to an effective golf swing.

Tom is able to accomplish that task and so much more.  I’ve played golf for over 25 years and like many have always been searching for ways not only improve my ball striking but increases my consistency.  My research into the swing has lead me to read and watch many of the great golfers in game and try to understand their thoughts on the golf swing.  It seems that as time has progressed the golf swing has become more and more complicated.  While we have a plethora of technology available, from launch angles to ball spin rates, there have been no marked increase for the average players in distance or scoring.  Despite what we hear about how all the new clubs and balls give an increased advantage to the current player most have not seen an improvement in their game in years. I fall into the same category.

That is until less than a year ago,  I when I learned about Mike Austin, his unique approach to the swing, and his protégé Mike Dunaway.  All of my reading and research about Mike Austin delivered me to Tom Duke and the Wind and Swing system.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to watch and learn from Tom’s simple and effective way of teaching the swing.  Not only is it easy to learn but it just makes sense in an uncomplicated way.  Tom’s tutorials are clear and beautifully broken down while being sequenced in a systematic way that enhances learning.  Couple the clear teaching methodology with a solid movement memory tutorial and now the Strike Right training aid gives me great deal of confidence that my ball striking will improve while my swing will simplify.

I feel privileged to have been able to attend a one day clinic which exceeded my expectations.  We were able talk trough our swings and to use the Strike Right which lead to a noticeable difference in how we approached the swing.  Due to the tapes and the clinic I now have a clear idea of how to move forward and solidify the lessons in a manner that will allow me to take a one day clinic and transition it into a lifetime of hitting the ball better.  Thank you, Tom, for a great experience and eye-opening journey.”

Mark (last name withheld), United States Army Special Forces

(A most sincere thank you to all of the brave men and woman that fight for our freedom.)

top golf schools testimonial

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.14.50 PMThank you for an awesome golf school! I’ve been to other top golf schools with the big names at the top facilities. I can honestly say I learned little as compared to the bootcamp day I spent with you and your Wind and Sling golf swing system. I’m excited to start working in the lessons, techniques, and drills you covered to take my game where I know it can be. The day really invigorated my interest in my golf swing and overall game. The food and hospitality was amazing. Hope to stay in touch and I will be promoting your website and swing methods to students and professionals alike here in the northeast. Thanks again!

Anuraj Vig

swing system testimonial

“I think I got to your swing system from surfing You Tube for the latest golf tip. I watched a Mike Austin video that led me to Mike Dunaway, Swing Man, Dunaway Long and finally you.

I just wanted to tell you of the thousands of dollars I have spent on equipment and instruction over the years your swing system is by far the best money I have ever spent.

I really appreciate the fact that you are consistent in your method. No Tip of The Day that contradicts yesterday’s tip and no The 27 Key Positions in The Backswing. I also agree that it is very body friendly. I have tried the rubber band torque methods and they should come with a list of orthopedic surgeons in the area as you will need one. I have been working the program about a month and have picked up a full 15 yards on every club and about 25 on the driver and am probably not much over 50% proficient and that is without the full wind at this point. It’s been great fun going to the range and seeing the ball go further on each outing. Great job and stay the course!!”
Jeff Glos
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